Make Your Voice Heard.

Find out who is representing you in the Iowa Capitol


1)Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a repeal to Iowa’s small cell infrastructure laws.

2)Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a bill to place a moratorium on small cell tower installations in Iowa’s public rights of ways until safe levels of non-ionizing wireless radiation are determined by independent research

3)Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a bill establishing a 5G safety Committee for the state of Iowa

4)Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a bill urging Congress to amend the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, Section 704, to account for health effects of siting wireless equipment, especially in residential areas

5)Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a bill regarding wireless radiation safety in schools and nurseries

6)Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a bill allowing for homeowners to opt out of Smart Meters in favor of Analog