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SENATOR JONI ERSNT (202) 224-3254

REP CINDY AXNE (202) 225-5476

REP DAVID LOEBSACK (202) 225-6576

REP STEVE KING (202) 225-4426

REP ABBY FINKENAUER (202) 225-2911

Suggested talking points include:

1. The FCC should not be permitted to change the OTARD ("Over-The-Air-Reception-Device") rule to allow wireless companies to put their powerful 5G antennas on private homes. 

2. The FCC should not be using taxpayer dollars for the benefit of wireless companies, pushing a new technology that has never been proven safe. 

3. This action will pit neighbor against neighbor, tear communities apart and negatively impact property values.

BONUS: ASK THEM TO SUPPORT/ co-sponsor HR 530 "Accelerating Broadband Development by Empowering Local Communities Act of 2019" - makes FCC 18-111 void. Gives authority back to municipalities. Support local rights!

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